Are Weighted Blankets Hot

Scott Gurfein
Updated: 17, September, 2020
Weighted blankets are usually hot because of three reasons. First, if a weighted blanket uses cheap organic filler material it can hold heat, causing it to build up. Additionally, poor air flow from low quality fabric and a blanket being too heavy can make a weighted blanket too hot.

What causes heat build up in a weighted blanket?

Heat build-up is a common issue with weighted blankets. Generally, the cause of the heat below is related to the way a weighted blanket is made. Here are a couple of factors that cause a weighted blanket to be hot.
  • Filler material - Filler material used in a blanket plays a part in trapping heat. If a blanket uses cheap, organic filler, it can absorb heat trapping it. Filler material should be considered carefully to ensure the most comfortable blanket.
  • Poor airflow - Another very common issue causing heat buildup is poor airflow. This usually happens whenever a cheap weighted blanket uses low-quality fabric. Typically, this material is not breathable and prohibits airflow creating a miserable experience.
  • Too heavy - The last common factor that makes a weighted blanket too hot is the weight. Even if your blanket has great cooling material, if it's too heavy, air can't circulate. Picking the appropriate weight for the user is critical when selecting a weighted blanket.
Luckily, all of these issues are easily solved by selecting the right weighted blanket. Choosing a high quality weighted blanket, such as those offered by Snuggle Pro, delivers a comfortable experience that isn't too hot.

How to fix a weighted blanket that's too hot

If you're trying to search through available weighted blankets, it can be challenging. There are so many options available that selecting a good one can be difficult. However, here's a quick guide addressing the most common issues that cause heat buildup so your choice is easier.

Fix #1: Choose the best filler

The filler material is a big contributor to excessive heat buildup. Generally, filler material comes in two types and here are the ones you should avoid and which ones you should be looking for.
  • Avoid organics - Examples of organic filler include corn, beans, and rice. These should be avoided because they absorb heat, and hold it. This is only one issue from these types of fillers, and why they're used in cheap blankets.
  • Look for synthetics - Synthetic fillers such as plastic beads, and glass beads, offer the best thermal properties. They're dense enough to provide enough weight, yet usually don't absorb heat well. Selecting a weighted blanket with synthetic filler helps you stay comfortable and cool.

Fix #2: Pick the right fabric

Another major contributor to the heat is the fabric used to make the blanket. It's usually a given that a lower quality blanket uses lower quality material. Here are things to look out for when you're shopping for a weighted blanket.
  • Avoid non-washable, non-cooling - A dead giveaway that the fabric of the blanket is going to be a problem lies in washability. Generally cheaper fabric cannot hold stitching very well, so it falls apart if you try to wash it. Additionally, it's usually not breathable which gives you a dirty hot blanket with no airflow.
  • Look for cooling and washable - Excellent weighted blankets—like all the ones offered by Snuggle Pro—offer premium organic fabric that's breathable and has cooling properties. Not only is the fabric breathable, it's also fully machine washable so soils don't build up. The other added benefit is enhanced durability that allows your blanket to last longer.

Fix #3: Get the right weight

The last major factor you should look for when selecting a weighted blanket is the weight. There are specific guidelines that allows you to select the appropriate weight for you. These guidelines are generally based on your body weight, and ensures you can move around under the blanket.
Here is a table for your reference:
Individual Weight
Combined Weight (couples)
Blanket Weight
Blanket Size
30-50 lbs.
5 lbs.
36" x 48"
50-70 lbs.
7 lbs.
41" x 60"
70-100 lbs.
10 lbs.
41" x 60"
100-160 lbs.
15 lbs.
48" x 72" - Twin
60" x 80" - Queen
160-230 lbs.
20 lbs.
60" x 80"
230lbs. +
25 lbs.
80" x 87"

Excellent weighted blankets to help you stay cool

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  • Premium weighted blanket for teens & adults - The premium blanket for teens and adults is an excellent all around weighted blanket. It comes in various different weights and sizes, and uses high quality materials of construction. This is a luxurious blanket designed for calming comfort.
  • Premium cooling blanket for toddlers & kids - If you're searching for a weighted blanket appropriate for someone younger, the cooling blanket for toddlers and kids is a great choice. This blanket is the perfect size and weight for somebody who isn't quite ready for a full size blanket.

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