How do I choose the right weighted blanket size & weight for me?

The easiest way to find the right size for you is based on your bed size along choosing a blanket weight that is equal to 10% - 15% of your body weight.

You can also refer to our size guides:

Weight Blanket Size Guide

Kids Weighted Blanket Set Size Guide

Weighted Blanket Set Size Guide

What are Snuggle Pro blankets made of?

For the blankets with covers, the inner blanket has an outer shell of 100% hypoallergenic, breathable cotton with a thread count of 233. This higher thread count is to ensure the fabric density required to hold in the 1mm glass beads throughout use and washing. The higher thread count is also useful to use the blanket without a cover to provide additional softness. 

Underneath the outer cotton shell are 1mm natural, hypoallergenic, glass beads sewn into small square pockets for even weight distribution. They are not sharp and do not cause any damage to the blanket. With the glass beads is polyester fabric filling to prevent the beads from moving around within their section. 

Are your blankets and duvets machine washable?

YES! While a lot of other companies require their blankets to be hand washed only, ALL Snuggle Pro weighted blankets and duvets can be machine washed and dried.  Because we use higher quality fabrics with higher thread counts, our blankets can be machine washed & dried without any problems.

Will the blanket cover my bed?

Weighted Blankets are designed to just cover the top of the bed, not draped over your bed like standard comforters. If you look at the dimensions of the different bed sizes vs. blanket sizes on the product pages, you’ll see the blankets are not sized to drape over the bed like traditional blankets.

What if my blanket is too heavy?

While we would love to be able to guarantee that everyone will experience the weighted blanket in the same way, how a person reacts to the additional weight varies. Some people will feel its benefits right away, and some may need up to 7-10 nights for their body to adjust to the additional weight. For others, it just may not work out at all. Trying the blanket for multiple nights is the best way to know if your body will adjust to the additional weight and why we offer a 30-day return policy.