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What Are Weighted Blankets Filled With


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What Are Weighted Blankets Filled With?

There are three main types of weighted blanket fillers. These include plastic poly pellets, steel shot beads, and micro glass beads. There are more unconventional fillers out there, such as pebbles and sand, but the main three all do a superb job of evenly distributing the weight of the blanket and keeping you comfortable all night.

The science behind Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS)

Deep Pressure Stimulation refers to a specific type of therapy where pressure is applied equally across the body. It can take the form of swaddling or hugging. However, weighted blankets offer this stimulation you can have on you for hours at a time.
Every human has a sense of body awareness, known as proprioception. It informs your body of its position within its space. And DPS is a type of proprioceptive input. The additional weight applied pressure to your muscles and joints, which gives your body a better sense of its place within the space.
DPS also has a massive impact on the body's Autonomic Nervous System. This controls unconscious actions, such as heart rate and breathing. People who are stressed often may have an elevated heart rate without trying. With the calming effect applied by DPS, your body's "fight or flight" response goes down. It produces a calming effect, allowing you to breathe easier at night.

Weighted blankets: An effective DPS tool

Weighted blankets are therapeutic devices. They weigh anywhere between 5 and 30 pounds. The extra weight of the blanket activates Deep Pressure Stimulation to reduce anxiety and relieve aches.
Weighted blankets are great for people with anxiety disorders, insomnia, or chronic pain. The reason for this is that the application of weight triggers certain substances in the brain. For example, weighted blankets make it easier for the brain to release dopamine and serotonin.
These neurotransmitters play a vital role in regulating your mood. People with insufficient serotonin often suffer from reduced energy and depressed moods. With more serotonin being released by the brain, you're more likely to wake up feeling happy and refreshed.
Additionally, insufficient levels of dopamine can result in chronic fatigue. Individuals with restless legs syndrome are also more likely to suffer from low levels of dopamine. But through DPS, those neurotransmitters have an easier time getting released.
As such, people with the following health conditions can benefit greatly from weighted blankets.
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Insomnia
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Chronic pain

A detailed look inside weighted blankets

The reason weighted blankets are heavier is due to their filling material. Many of them are great choices, but there are varying factors that may impact which one you want on your bed. You also want to consider the cover material as some substances are more comfortable than others.

Filling Options

  1. Micro glass beads - This is the type of filler you find with Snuggle Pro weighted blankets. These blankets tend to be thinner with the texture of the glass beads resembling that of sugar granules. They lie smoothly over your body and never bunch up together. (Plus they keep the blanket incredibly cool!)
  1. Plastic poly pellets - These are round plastic beads made out of polypropene, which is non-toxic. They are smooth, and for best results, you want beds made from 100 percent virgin polypropene.
  1. Steel shot beads - These are heat-treated, micro steel balls. They're smooth and don't retain a lot of dirt and debris. However, they can be a bit noisier than the alternatives.
  1. Sand - You may find some weighted blankets out there filled with sand. Avoid these at all costs. Not only is washing your blanket a lot harder, wet sand can lead to mildew and. other unwanted issues.
  1. Pebbles - Pebbles are another low-quality filler. It's also difficult to wash and just won't feel as good as micro glass beads, plastic poly pellets, or steel shot beads.

Cover Materials

  1. Cotton - This is the cover material used by Snuggle Pro. It's soft to the touch and is breathable. This keeps you cool when the weather's hot and cozy when it starts to cool down.
  1. Flannel - Flannel is also quite breathable. It also doesn't snag onto the rest of your bedding.
  1. Fleece - This is a synthetic fabric that keeps you warm and cozy. It's lightweight, but it absorbs odors that can be difficult to wash off.
  1. Minky - Minky is extremely soft. It's incredibly durable, especially if you properly handle and wash it. It's ideal for the cold seasons because it retains heat well.
  1. Rayon - You don't find many rayon weighted blankets. The reason is that this material tends to wear out prematurely. And it's not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

You need a weighted blanket in your life—Here's why

Whether you have a medical condition or just want to sleep more soundly, a lot of people stand to benefit with weighted blankets. Once you try it, you can get the best sleep you've ever had.

Naturally therapeutic

Medications exist for insomnia and anxiety. But they often come with side effects. Sleeping with a weighted blanket helps combat symptoms of anxiety and depression. Talk with your doctor if you think you do require additional treatments, but a lot of good can come from simply using a weighted blanket.

Better sleep

Adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep nightly. For a litany of reasons, you may have difficulty falling asleep in the first place, or you may wake up repeatedly throughout the night. With Deep Pressure Stimulation, your body's production of melatonin remains on track, so you sleep better.

Mood booster

Studies have shown that DPS can increase dopamine production by as much as 31 percent and serotonin levels by as much as 28 percent. These are your body's "happy hormones," so you wake up feeling ready to take on the day.

Pain relief

Going to bed with aches and pains isn't good. While a lot of people turn toward painkillers, weighted blankets can offer much-needed relief. The weight grounds your body during sleep by pushing it downward. This produces a calming effect that helps alleviate chronic pain.

Travel anxiety aid

A lot of people have trouble with the confined spaces of a car, bus, or airplane. A strange environment can increase anxiety and make it difficult to relax on the journey. If you find yourself in that camp, then consider a weighted blanket. With all the benefits mentioned above, you feel calmer and more at ease even when you normally hate flying.

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#1 Weighted Blanket, 2020

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